What are your hours/locations?

Is everything gluten free?

Yes, Always

Is everything top 8 free?

Yes, excluding coconut. Please see our Allergen Disclaimer regarding coconut.

What are the top 8 allergens?

Wheat, Milk, Egg, peanut, tree nut, soy, shellfish & fish

We never use sesame. We have many corn free items, but are not a DEDICATED corn free facility — We do offer corn free powdered sugar for an extra charge. We do have some items that contain coconut — but try to minimize it as much as we can in our bakery cases.

Please see allergen DIsclaimer regarding coconut.

Are you sesame free/Corn Free/coconut free?

We do not use certified vegan sugars, but all of our baked goods/breads/desserts are plant based.

We do provide staff meals, since we do not allow outside food in our facilities. SOmetimes these meals will include CASEIN and egg free deli meats, poultry, pork, or beef. These items are kept SEPARATE from the baking, prep, and decorating areas.

Is everything vegan?

All of our baked goods/desserts will contain sugar. OUr breads only use agave as the SWEETENER.

We have repeatedly attempted to create gluten and top 8 free baked goods using alternative SWEETENERS and we cannot replicate the current quality. therefore, we do not currently offer sugar free items.

Do you make anything sugar free?

We can not accommodate any of these diets at this time.

Do you offer ANything keto/Paleo/AIP?

We can do custom dye-free items but some of our case items will contain food dyes. If you are SENSITIVE to dyes, please inform your customer service staff when ordering or choosing items from the case

Do you use food dyes?

yes, but not at every location click below to see if your location makes wedding cakes.

Do you make wedding cakes?

Yes, But it depends on the items and store locations.

When you order online, the minimum is 1 dozen of any baked good.

Is there a minimum for a special orders?

Prices will vary depending on location — Call your local FRANCHISE for more information

Do you have a price list?

Do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver using GrubHub.

DO you Ship?

Yes, All orders will be shipped via usps PRIORITY flat rate boxes every Mon./tues. with an expected delivery date of friday. all orders are shipped from our headquarters in louisville, ky.

We also offer subscription boxes in 3 month or 12 month terms. ONce you create an account you will automatically be charged monthly, according to your subscription length.

Yes, Please click below to order online. make sure you choose the correct pick up location.

our online menu does not allow for custom items, please call your local shop for custom items.

Can i order online and pick up in store?

Grubhub items are updated daily at every location and are items you can get on-demand.

Pick up orders require 3 business days to avoid a rush charge*. Some locations fill up quickly and may not accept rush orders.

*The rush charge is 25% of the whole order.

Shipping items only ship Mon./Tues. and can take up to 72 hours to RECEIVE your items.

How much notice do you need for orders?

We respectfully ask that you do not bring in outside food or drink. We have no way of knowing if your home or the coffee shop item has been contaminated with nuts/soy/milk/etc.

Can i bring in my favorite coffee drink since you only serve drip coffee?

We RECOMMEND that you eat all of your items on the day you pick them up, or freeze them. Items can be frozen up to one month, as long as they are in an airtight container.

If you order cakes/cupcakes from us, we recommend that those items are picked up and consumed on the day you’ll be serving them. If you pick up the cake the day before your event, keep REFRIGERATED until the morning of the event.

All baked goods/cakes are best served at room temperature.

If you pick up the cake more than 2 days before your event, please keep it frozen until the morning of the event.

We do not use preservatives, so your freezer is the best way to keep items fresh.

HOw long do your products last?