Annie May's Sweet Café

At Annie May's Sweet Cafe we understand the difficulties of living with food allergies. But, we believe all people are created equal and therefore deserve all the delicious treats life has to offer! All of our bakery items are gluten, peanut, tree nut, and soy free!

Tuesday - Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 3pm
Sunday - Monday: Closed

Wedding Cakes


Book your wedding tasting with us today! Tastings are $30, and you can pick 4 flavors and 4 frostings to mix and match. Our decorator will consult with you on your wedding cake style and assist in selecting the final flavor profile of your wedding cake.

To schedule a tasting or if you have any questions, contact us at: or call 502-384-2667

Please note, if you are scheduling a tasting for your wedding we do require a minimum of 4-5 weeks lead time for all wedding cake orders.


Our Flavors ("v" indicates can be made vegan)

Cakes: Chocolate (v), Vanilla (v), Lemon (v), Carrot (v), Pumpkin (v), Coconut (v), Red Velvet, Strawberry, Vanilla Chocolate Chip (v), Vanilla with Sprinkles (v)

Frostings: Chocolate (v), Vanilla (v), Strawberry (v), Raspberry (v), Lemon (v), Coconut (v), Mint (v), Mocha (v), Carmel, Cream Cheese, Browned Butter, Ganache (v)

Tiered Cakes (all round)


Sizes      Servings  Price 

     6"/8"          33       $181.50  

6"/10"        48       $264 

6"/12"         58       $319 

6"/8"/10"    68       $374 

      6"/8"/12"     83      $456.50 

    6"/10"/14"   113     $621.50 

    8"/10"/12"  93      $511.50 

Extra tall layer 6", 8" 10" $15.00 

Extra tall layer 12", 14" $25.00 

Fondant Cakes-start @$6.50 per serv 

Delivery charge $55.00 within 15 mile radius

Delivery charge $55.00 (includes 15 mile radius) +  $1.00/mile after


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